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  • 5 CMS Features Your School Website Needs!

    date posted: Thursday 9 Oct 2014
    Although an out-dated design, poor functionality and a review of your digital marketing strategy may be amongst the leading reasons you choose to update your school website, more often than not if you’re one of the administrators of your site, the Content Management System (CMS) will play a major role in your decision making when choosing an agency to work with.
  • Why your CMS Rules (or should!)

    date posted: Thursday 2 Oct 2014
    You may not think of your Content Management System (CMS) as a powerful marketing tool but if we’ve learned anything about digital marketing this past year, it’s that ‘Content is (still) King’!
  • Is it time to review your School Marketing Plan?

    date posted: Friday 26 Sep 2014
    When you think of ‘School Marketing’ what comes to mind? For some, school marketing is a new concept. But long gone are the days when a website wasn’t a necessity and ‘marketing’ consisted of mailing out a prospectus to a few select parents.
  • Leveraging The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising at Your School

    date posted: Friday 26 Sep 2014
    Marketing studies show that 92% of consumers report Word-of-Mouth (WOM) recommendation is the top reason they buy a product or use a service, and 76% of consumers will recommend companies they trust to a friend or a colleague.

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